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Formed by a group of friends from the East Bay in the early part of 2010, Cannabis Grow Consultants have had great success in tweaking, streamlining and designing a variety of grow set-ups. Through decades of tinkering and adjusting we have come to understand the systems that deliver key components (light, nutrients and water) to the plants while maintaining the correct ambient conditions for stellar results. Many people know the basics, and even know their own crops very well, but few people know how to analyse and adjust their systems to achieve the yields they dream of all while increasing the quality of their product and saving on overhead costs through efficient growing techniques. The results have spoken for themselves thus-far with a plethora of awards and solid gold medals, including a High Times Cannabis Cup Win for Best Sativa. If you have any questions regarding your operation, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Great knowledge and service from these guys! The quickest and most hassle-free solution I have come across to help my business GROW!” - Green Style

CGC saved our Cannabis business. More than just grow consulting, CGC helped us on all angles including legal and accounting. Thank you CGC. - Tom A.

We considered forging ahead with a grow on our own but thankfully we had the wisdom to consult CGC first. The CGC team was just so friendly and knowledgable. Our products are top-notch now. The return on investment by using CGC is incredible. I highly recommend you consult the CGC team before making any big moves in the Cannabis industry. - SuperDabs420


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